Vincinni Academy: Train the Trainers Kick Off

PrimePoint Partners has kicked off the “Train the Trainers” activities as part of the Vincinni Academy, which will focus on developing the technical skills of the employees of Makprogres. Our team of experts and consultants have selected and trained the initial team of trainers of the Vincinni Academy. We have also selected the first cohort of program attendees and developed the teaching and learning materials for the entire training program. 

The Vincinni Academy will consist of three different training programs for capacity building,  technical skills upgrade and new staff onboarding in the areas of machine specialists, chocolatiers and bakery program.

We congratulate the team of Vincinni Academy trainers and we look forward to working with them during the courses. The project which commenced in April 2020 has a duration of 18 months and has been financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Government of Japan.

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