Saša Incubator

As a regional business incubator, Saša Incubator creates a supportive environment for the development of entrepreneurship in the Savinjsko-šaleška region of Slovenia. By proving a meeting place for young entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, fast growing companies, managers and corporations, Saša incubator forms the Startup community within the Saša region. Offering a range of free consultations, mentoring programs, workshops and startup evenings for ambitious entrepreneurs. In addition to this, Saša incubator’s startup concept is based on three key pillars: twice a year, the organisation prepares Startup Weekends for young professionals; in the Spring, Saša incubator opens a call for a six-week program, Entrepreneurial Trampoline, allowing selected participants access to workshops and mentorship with experts from Slovenia, where they can present their ideas to potential investors; and the premiere of the international conference Future 4.0, in November 2018, focusing on connecting larger corporations and startups in the field of Industry 4.0. .

Balkan Economic Forum

Established in 2014, the Balkan Economic Forum focused on the development and implementation of innovative strategies and creative solutions to economic challenges facing the Balkan countries. With the purpose of stimulating economic growth and strengthening regional cooperation, peace and security within the region, the Balkan Economics Forum engages with industry experts, international leaders, government officials, academicians, students, universities and financial institutions. The Balkan Economic Forum’s missions also serves to promote sustainable employment growth, socio-economic stability, the protection of natural resources, and business model development to advance global competitiveness. Further promoting international recognition of the Balkan identity by raising awareness of the value and contribution made by the Balkan countries to the wider global and European economies.

M6 Educational Centre

M6 Educational Centre is a leading institution for transformational and societal development, stimulating knowledge, innovation, creativity and culture in everyday work and life for individuals, companies and institutions. By inspiring lifelong learning and development in times of agile challenges and digital transformation, M6 Educational Centre offers a wide range of services and resources, including training, consultancy, project development, research and analysis, facilities and rentals, and event organisation. As a strategic partner and supporter of companies and their employees, the centre is customer-orientated, focused on offering added value and opportunities for achieving business excellence, cooperating and networking for local, regional and international companies. Shaping the leaders of today and building the leaders of tomorrow.

St. Paul the Apostle University

The University of Information Science and Technology (UIST) “St. Paul the Apostle,” is a higher education state institution located in Ohrid, Macedonia. Currently ranked 4th out of twenty universities and high education institutions in the country, as composed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. UIST offers innovative contemporary study programs based on the best practices of leading universities in the USA, Europe and Australia. The university is committed to providing excellence in education and research in the field of information sciences and technology, allowing students to pursue their interests and develop their skills and knowledge, as UIST has an image as a centre for the production of skilful ICT professionals, often being approached by companies in need of quality employees.

Emerging Europe

With its headquarters based in London, Emerging Europe brings the world together to shape the region’s future, ‘translating the region to the world and the world to the region.’ With correspondents on the ground in various locations across the region, Emerging Europe focuses on major events to set the agenda for constructive debate, with its independent insight being relied upon by more than two million people who use its platform to form their opinions. Emerging Europe’s access to intelligence and global network of key individuals and organisations, enables those with a stake in the region to participate in shaping a prosperous future of 23 countries. With its influence and position as the leader in knowledge within the region, Emerging Europe’s vision is to continuously facilitate innovation-led progress for the European region.


The AtoBe Entrepreneurship Centre, located at the Azrieli College of Engineering, is the only college and accelerator in Jerusalem that solely focuses on engineering and technology, combining Academia and Entrepreneurship. As a startup accelerator, AtoBe assists ambitious entrepreneurs in the field of Engineering and Technology by providing them with the workspace and the opportunity to build and engineer their startup dream into a reality. Hence providing the ecosystem needed for technological entrepreneurships with a practical approach. AtoBe offers a unique six-month program where the accelerator provides the training and the tools needed to facilitate innovation by combining know-how with entrepreneurial spirt. With access to mentors from various fields, office space, meetings rooms, pitching practice, groups discussions and interactions, the accelerator is also known for its access to lab testing and current technological equipment.

Faktor Trust

Factor Trust, located in Skopje, Macedonia and founded in 2010, focuses on trade finance solutions for legal entities. Granted a licence by the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the Law on Financial Companies, the company’s main goal is to support the growth of businesses operating in Macedonia by providing liquidity, enabling continuous growth and operational cycles. In 2019, Factor Trust became the first Macedonian member of the global network for independent factoring companies, Factor Chain International. Its vision is focused on providing flexible solutions for the businesses needs of clients, based on the values of transparency, vigilance, efficiency and flexibility. Factor Trust aims to be a catalyst for growth and development of Macedonian companies

Economic Journalists Association

The Economic Journalists Association is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation based in Skopje; a platform which provides free and independent media focusing on economic and business development in Macedonia. The Economic Journalists Association seeks to strengthen media and business transparency and local and regional partnerships.


AcrossLimits is a Maltese SME with 20 years of experience in over 60 EU projects providing specialist consultancy services to clients from all across Europe. AcrossLimitis introduces clients to European opportunities, helping them secure funding for EU projects and tenders, opening doors within the EU through the vast network and reputation that it has built over decades on the European stage. AcrossLimits is active in diverse areas of interest including: eLearning, eHealth, eGovernment, entrepreneurship, digital culture, social inclusion and gender equality, with links to all sectors, including academia, NGOs, businesses and governments. AcrossLimits maintains strong ties with investor communities, and assists in the creation of start-ups for research entities and consortia, taking their results to the market. Furthermore, AcrossLimits participates in EU Projects as a technical partner creating digital platforms, leading dissemination efforts, or by providing its expertise as an educational institution, delivering training courses in person and online through its eLearning platform.

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