Future 4.0 Conference

PrimePoint Partners was the local partner for the Western Balkans partners for 2020s Future 4.0 Conference, offering participants opportunities for a 1:1 meeting with big regional companies such as Bosch, Gorenje, Kolektor, Iskra, Iskratel, Estocech and others. Through its acceleration program PrimePoint Partners assisted with registering companies for the pre-arranged meetings and helped them with their pitching. To learn more about Future 4.0 click HERE.

“The Role of the Private Sector in the Youth Skills Ecosystem,” European Training Foundations

Picture od “The Role of the Private Sector in the Youth Skills Ecosystem,” European Training Foundations

PrimePoint Partner’s Co-Founder and Managing Partners, Biljana Markovic Stamenova, presented at the European Training Foundations online event: “The Role of the Private Sector in the Youth Skills Ecosystem.” The aim of the event was to facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships aimed at extending regional networks by bringing together different organisations to collaborate, design, deliver and learn from each other’s experiences, sharing diverse work on promoting skill development by the public and private sector. Please read more HERE.

First Bilateral Event of the Intelligent Cross Border Accelerator (ICBA) project

Picture 2

Co-Founder, Biljana Markovic Stamenova Speaks at the First Bilateral Event of the IPA Project aimed at establishing an acceleration program between Macedonia and Greece. The event focused on the initiative to create and support companies and partnerships within the cross-border region and the importance of supporting young professionals in the ICT sector. For more information, click HERE.

“Leading in Crisis” Conversation Series in partnership with M6 Education Centre

In partnership with M6 Education Centre, PrimePoint partners put together an online training training on leadership in crisis featuring regional and global thought leaders such as Mr. Svetozar Janevski, Rok Habinc, Lou Naumovski, Emil Hristov, Yael Rozencwajg, etc. Conversation topics spanned across different fields of interest including crisis management, cybersecurity, recession, organic food products, IT services and data scientists, startups and more.

Yael Rozencwajg: It is time to talk about flattening the recession curve

Lou Naumovski: Play on your strengths and incentivize the smart young people to stay in Macedonia and help revive the economy

Cecilia Hjerzel: Organic food products, IT services, data scientists – opportunities in Sweden for the companies from Macedonia

Emil Hristov: “Every time you go to the supermarket, you vote for your future”

Rok Habinc: A great idea is important, but a good team that knows how to execute is a much bigger value!

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