The Маcedonian Chambers of Commerce and “PrimePoint Partners” to implement a program for ESG standards in the private sector

The Маcedonian Chambers of Commerce and “PrimePoint Partners” signed an Agreement for strategic cooperation to provide support to the private sector for implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs and ESG standards that refer to environmental, social, and governance aspects of corporate management and growth. The agreement was signed by the president of the Маcedonian Chambers of Commerce, Trajan Angeloski, and the president of PrimePoint Partners, Zoran Martinovski.  The program will be organized as part of a wider ESG initiative implemented by the PrimeBlue ESG Institute, the sustainability development branch of PrimePoint Partners.

This joint initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, strengthen the capacities of companies to incorporate sustainability, and facilitate access to green financing for SMEs. It includes a series of activities and training related to SDGs and ESG including risk management, legal regulation, transparency, climate change, and gender balance, as well as institutional capacity building of the Chamber. “, said Angeloski.

“The adoption of sound ESG practices by the private sector will be essential to drive long-term sustainable growth. ESG standards show how well a company performs regarding its social and environmental responsibilities across its supply chain and operations.“, concluded Zoran Martinovski, president of Prime Point Partners and PrimeBlue ESG.

With this and other activities, the Маcedonian Chambers of Commerce continues to support the national implementation of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, monitors the progress towards achieving them, and through a series of activities advocates for the introduction of sustainable growth and development of businesses, with a special focus on small and medium enterprises.

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