A team of PrimePoint consultants and experts, have conducted a study on the “Availability of Supply Chain Finance Instruments and potentials for growth on the Macedonian market”. This is activity is part of the USAID Factoring Project implemented by Factor Trust. In order to assess the need and the supply, we have also conducted a survey among the biggest companies in Macedonia with a large pool of suppliers and another survey among the biggest Macedonian banks.

We invite you to join us as we present the findings and learn more about the benefits of reverse factoring, a benchmark between the regional markets, and a few successful case studies from the region that will illustrate its importance for the big companies.

The online event will take place on Thursday, October 15 from 10 am – 11:10 am over ZOOM.  Event speakers are:

  • Lovre Ristevski, Chief of Party, USAID Factoring Project at Factor Trust
  • Darko Stefanovski, Manager of credit insurance and factoring department at Macedonian bank for Development and Promotion
  • Ivan Sverko, Head of Risk Management at PBZ Invest, Croatia
  • Ivana Stankovic, Senior Business Analyst, PrimePoint Partners

There is a multitude of benefits from SCF to all parties involved along the supply chain, from the suppliers of goods and services, both big and small, to buyers, distributors, and financial providers of such products.

Companies are utilizing SCF products in order to shorten their cash flow conversion cycles and improve working capital efficiency. Additional benefits to supplies include:

  • A relatively less expensive source of financing for SME suppliers based on the financial and commercial strength of large anchors;
  • Improve relationships with their buyers through increased collaboration due to higher integration across the supply chain;
  • Helps the treasury department improve the overall liquidity of the company by improving the cash cycle.

The event will take place in Macedonian with a simultaneous translation in English available.

To join the event, please click this LINK:

For more details, please contact Maja Staleska at

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