PrimePoint Partners sign a contract with the Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica to prepare strategic development plans

With a mission to contribute to the development of small Macedonian municipalities and their economic growth, PrimePoint Partners are pleased to announce the signing of the contract for the preparation of Local Economic Development (LED) and Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) analysis for Makedonska Kamenica.

Makedonska Kamenica is a town in northeast Macedonia located at the foot of the Osogovo Mountains bordering Kriva Palanka, Delčevo, Kočani, and Vinica municipalities, Makedonska Kamenica. PrimePoint Partners will work on the preparation of a strategic plan for LED and LEAP for the municipality, with the hopes of identifying key areas of growth and leveraging the town’s fullest potential. A team of experienced professors and experts will work together to produce studies that will assist the municipality in making key strategic decisions for sectoral development, capital investments, social impact programs, etc.

We are pleased to be working together with the dedicated team from PrimePoint Partners, and I am equally thrilled to see our municipality grow and thrive as we work towards creating greater opportunities in Makedonska Kamenica.” – stated the Mayor of Makedonska Kamenica, Mrs. Sonja Stamenkova.

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