PrimePoint Partners develop implementation plans for transforming Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica with skills upshift in sustainable tourism and agri-business

In 2021 our team has worked on developing two strategic plans for the Municipality of Makedonska Kamenica, the Local Economic Development (LED) and Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP).  Upon the completion of the plans, we have organized strategic workshops to facilitate the process of creating synergies between the key stakeholders and to develop the implementation plans.

As part of the workshops, we have facilitated the process of creating an alliance between the Mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Dimcho Atanasovski, the municipal team, Foundation Sasa, and Central Asia Metals. The partnerships have been aligned, the strategic goals have been approved and the implementation plans were developed as a joint effort between all key stakeholders. Working together, we’ve reached a shared vision on the key strategic goals focused on skills upgrade in entrepreneurship related to sustainable tourism and agriculture.

These activities are setting the stage for the project’s next phase where we will be seeing a number of activities for upskilling and reskilling carried out and expected outcomes coming to fruition. The development of small Macedonian municipalities and their economic growth is central to the mission of PrimePoint Partners and we are proud to be part of this project for economic development and diversification of the economic activity in Makedonska Kamenica.


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