PrimePoint Partners: Delivering Impact in a Sustainable Manner!

PrimePoint Partners: Delivering Impact in a Sustainable Manner!

In the three years that we have been active on the market, we managed to raise close to 4 million Euros for our clients through donor funding, loans, market expansion, and technical support. This funding, combined with the matching funds of our clients, has resulted in a total of 5.5 million Euros of facilitated investments.

With over 40 experts and consultants engaged to work on our projects, we have assisted startups, SMEs, local municipalities, educational institutions, and NGOs with access to finance, capacity building, mentoring, and strategic advisory.
So far, we successfully completed 30+ regional and international projects.

Our flagship project has been the development of the first certified Academy for Executive Management in Macedonia – Academy Progressive.

We developed several technical and vocational training, as well as business acceleration programs.

We supported youth employment by developing upskilling and reskilling programs in municipalities with high brain drain such as Vinica, Makedonska Kamenica, Gostivar, Tetovo, and Ohrid.

By establishing the Prime Blue ESG Institute in Ohrid we aim to tackle sustainability challenges related to fresh waters.
Our annual Ohrid Blue Economy Summit is the first of a kind in the region focused on promoting business opportunities in the blue economy.

With offices in Skopje, Podgorica, and Ohrid, we are ready for our new chapter in expanding our impact by assisting a wide range of companies and institutions across Macedonia and the Western Balkans on topics such as sustainability, ESG, strategic advisory, export promotion and more.

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