PrimePoint Partners Announces the Completion of the ICBA’s Project Training Needs Assessment and Blueprint

Having announced its partnerships in the Intelligent Cross Border Accelerator (ICBA) project, between Greece and Macedonia in November 2020, which aims to provide entrepreneurial training and mentoring in the cross-border area, assisting the creation of start-up companies to enhance employment and economic growth; PrimePoint Partners have successfully conducted the project’s training needs and assessment survey, and have completed the blueprint. 

Laying the foundations of the project, the blueprint will serve as a guide for developing the intelligent business accelerator, providing suggested teaching and learning methodologies, partner engagement, case studies, learning outcomes, organization of workshops, assessment of the accelerator sessions, awarding system and more. Outlining various recommendations and steps, the detailed guide outlines the accelerator’s structure, instilling its success.

In addition to this, with the upcoming commencement of training sessions as part of the business accelerator, PrimePoint Partners also conducted the projects training needs assessment. The analysis highlighted the need for training, mentoring, networking and workshops, therefore shaping and complimenting the blueprint, which established the following 11 training project sections: ideation, business canvases, business model testing, technology evaluating, IPR protection of new start-up ideas (challenges and opportunities), entrepreneurial strategy of start-ups, market identification for start-ups, funding and finance approaching and new ideas investment readiness, marketing of a new technology and new methods for marketing, investment plan training, and pitch development and tips. 

PrimePoint Partners are eager for the training session to begin, supporting the success and growth of entrepreneurs and youth in the cross-border region.

The Intelligent Business Acceleration Program is funded by the EU IPA Interreg Project. 


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