Official start of implementation of a project for dual education worth 665,500 EUR at High School “Vancho Prke” from Vinica

With today’s coordination meeting of the consortium members led by the High School “Vancho Prke” from Vinica and the companies Makprogress, Agrobar, and Maknova, the implementation of the project which was awarded a grant of 665,500 Euros from the Regional Fund for Challenges officially begins.

The fund is an initiative of the German Development Bank (KfW), financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

With the signing of the contract, the procurement of machines that will be available to the students from the dual classes for practical work in the food, textile, and metal professions, the only such equipment in Macedonia intended for educational purposes, begins.

Through the acquisition of these machines and the introduction of innovative competency-based curricula for the three dual education programs, the school will produce generations of students fully prepared with the professional skills needed for rapid integration into the labor market.
In addition, as part of the project, technical training will be implemented for teachers and mentors from the companies on the use of new machines and equipment, the use of advanced technologies, digitalization, energy efficiency, green skills, ESG, etc.

In addition to technical skills, the updated curriculum will also include learning about soft, communication, and leadership skills, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The development of education programs of this profile, including active practical work, will bring students closer to companies that currently have a shortage of this kind of staff.
As a professional school that directly cooperates with companies in the country, this initiative will contribute to developing domestic companies with locally trained capacities.

The consulting company PrimePoint Partners was involved in creating the concept, coordinating the consortium, and developing the application.

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