The company Makprogres Vinica, celebrating 30 years of its operation, as a leader in the industry of confectionery products, grounds its operation on constant innovation and continuous employees’ development. In this respect, this year, it has started a project on establishing a training center for the training needs of Makproges, as well as the business professionals in the region. The training center will enable management capacity upgrade, as well as specialized training for the Makprogres employees. Its opening is expected to occur this autumn.

Within the training centre, we plan to introduce modern laboratory for research and development of the food production technologies in the baking and confectionery industry, technological following and analytics, development of new products, analysis of the existing and new materials, as well as tests of the process equipment. In addition to this, we will develop, cooperation with scientific institutions, high schools, start-up companies, etc. Within the center itself, there will be a creative campus with co-working environment for the promotion of the innovations and creating creative products, in several sectors: creative kitchen, sales department, marketing department, design and packaging creating, mechatronics, sensor-related works, and technology,” said the CEO of Makprogres Gligor Cvetanov.

The project is financed by the Government of Japan through the Fund for cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. “The EBRD stresses much emphasis on the role of the private sector in skills development, as enterprises are in the best position to identify the skills required for a worker to be productive and achieve the best results. It is particularly rewarding when a successful company as Makprogres engages in training for the benefit of the wider community and other enterprises operating in the region. We are very happy to be able to support this important initiative” said Andi Aranitasi, Head of EBRD Skopje Resident Office.

The Macedonian management consulting platform for expert support PrimePoint Partners is selected to fully implement this project in the segments of brand creation, programs defining, establishing of the content and the dynamics of the lectures, selection of the professors/trainers, train the trainer, implementation of the programs, enrolment, and selection of the candidates, sustainability plan, monitoring, and evaluation, etc. ”It is our great honor to work with the visionary team of Makprogres in creating the training center that will enable capacity building and sustainable development in the eastern part of Macedonia”, stated Biljana Markovic Stamenova, Partner and Executive Manager of PrimePoint Partners.

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