EBRD-supported strategic advisory program for one of the leading retailers in Montenegro, Franca Marketi

PrimePoint Partners has successfully implemented a strategic advisory program for Franca Marketi, one of the leading food retail operators in Montenegro headquartered in Bjelo Polje.  Franca Marketi is a retail chain with 66 food retail outlets throughout the country and around 70 million Euros in annual revenue. 

The advisory project was supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development from Montenegro. 

The intervention, among others, addressed the most pressing issues affecting the company’s operations and provided recommendations on its future growth strategy and investment planning. 

We take pride in our clients’ continuous successes and very much look forward to the opportunity to provide ongoing support with strategy implementation.

We are grateful to the management team at Franca Marketi for their collaboration, and we congratulate our team of consultants and technical experts on the successful completion of the project. 

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