Celebrating Excellence: The 2nd Generation Certificate Award Ceremony at Progressive Academy

The Academy for Executive Management recently held its certificate award ceremony to honor the achievements of its second generation of students. Over the past nine months, students at the Progressive Academy embarked on a remarkable journey of professional and personal development. They were guided by dedicated lecturers who not only shared knowledge but also their valuable experiences.

Your education here has equipped you with the knowledge, skills, and resilience needed to navigate the complex landscape of executive management. Remember that leadership is not just about titles, diplomas, and certificates, but about the positive impact you leave on people’s lives and the world around you.”- stated Gligor Cvetanov, CEO at Makprogres and President at the Progressive Academy. “As you embark on your journey as executive directors, remember that your responsibility extends beyond improving the organizations where you work. It’s about guiding the world towards a better future. Your training and preparation provide you with the strength to overcome challenges. Help one another, be inclusive leaders, and always strive for the highest standards in executive management.” – he concluded.

Building on the success of the initial program, Progressive Academy will work on further expanding the training opportunities while also addressing the training needs of businesses and individuals in the region and beyond. “We are excited to announce a new transformative program in eastern Macedonia, supported by the EBRD, that will provide opportunities for continuous education and skills development. This initiative will be extending training opportunities for young entrepreneurs, will provide upskilling for professionals in the food production industry, and short executive courses to top and mid-level management. We are inviting our alumni and the businesses in the region to seize growth opportunities and to embrace lifelong learning by joining us at the Progressive Academy. “– stated Biljana Markovic Stamenova, Academic Director at the Academy for Executive Management and a CEO at PrimePoint Partners.

The instructors and the organizers have also congratulated the students and have expressed their excitement to welcome the next generation of students. “The success of the program wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts of Academy Progressive, the Makprogres Group, and the dedicated colleagues and instructors.  A heartfelt “thank you” to everyone present and we look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming events and trainings” – concluded Aleksandra Kirilova, Director at Progressive Academy.

In summary, the Certificate Award Ceremony for the second generation of students at Progressive Academy was a celebration of dedication and achievement, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their journey towards excellence.

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