PrimePoint has provided advisory to a Macedonian fast-growing ICT company to boost their performance, expansion and to assist them in securing the best financing model that will support the company’s growth. The project was supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and took place from December 2019 – June 2020. Please read the testimonial from the company CEO and contact us for a complete reference list.

“We strongly recommend the consulting company PrimePoint Partners as a business advisory, strategic planning, and investment planning partner to SMEs. They assisted us with a business advisory project, including strategic assessment, financial analysis, investment planning, access to finance, and organizational restructuring. The impact has been tremendous. We have obtained a highly affordable commercial loan in value of 1:1 of the company annual turnover and a grant for technology development from FITR in value of 150,000 EUR. We are sincerely grateful to the consultants that have been engaged in our project and we highly recommend the company to any other company that is developing an investment plan or strategic transformation. ZM, CEO”

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