PrimePoint Partners: Facilitating Implementation of CEFTA’s AP6 for Trade in Services

PrimePoint Partners: Facilitating Implementation of CEFTA’s AP6 for Trade in Services

PrimePoint Partners, serving as a national consultant for Macedonia and Montenegro, is actively involved in supporting the implementation of CEFTA’s Additional Protocol 6 (AP6) concerning trade in services. Working as a national consultant to the International Trade Centre (ITC), a joint agency of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN), as well as GIZ, PrimePoint Partners is dedicated to advancing the regional CEFTA agenda on trade facilitation.

Under the ITC’s project “CEFTA: Support to Regional Integration,” our team provides technical support to enhance the implementation of trade in services and raise awareness about the newly established regulations among Macedonian and Montenegrin companies. Recently, we successfully facilitated an event focused on trade in services, specifically highlighting measures impacting the construction, architecture, and engineering sectors. The primary objective of the meeting, held on June 6, 2023, at Hotel Panoramika in Skopje, was to address the notification and transparency requirements set forth in CEFTA’s AP6, while emphasizing the potential benefits of AP6 for these sectors.

Through our partnership with ITC and GIZ, PrimePoint Partners remains committed to assisting the successful implementation of CEFTA’s AP6, driving the growth and competitiveness of the trade in the services sector within Macedonia and Montenegro while contributing to the broader regional integration objectives.

ITC is the only multilateral agency fully dedicated to supporting the internationalization of SMEs. ITC’s mission is to foster inclusive and sustainable growth and development through trade and international business development. ITC’s projects and programs contribute to the global efforts to achieve UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and Aid for Trade Agenda.


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