Rok Habinc: A great idea is important, but a good team that knows how to execute it is a much bigger value!


PrimePoint Partners sixth “Online Conversation” featured Rok Habinc, an Experienced Venture Capital Investor from Slovenia who talked about “Insider tips from a VC investor”. He is investing in technology-driven companies that need managerial and financial skills which he can bring to the table and assist their growth.
According to Mr. Habinc, the investors are looking for:

  • Good team dynamics, diversity among the team in a sense of gender, functional, educational diversity
  • Presence of key competencies for the core functions
  • Team dynamics (make sure that all team members speak at a business pitch)
  • Large margins – VCs are looking at margins higher than 50%
  • Recurring revenue, subscription-based model – get as much value as possible from an existing client. All valuations that are done these days are done based on recurring revenue.
  • A great idea is important – but it is usually only 10% of the factors that make an endeavor successful

“We get pitched 100 ideas weekly. A great idea is definitely important, but a good team that knows how to execute is a much bigger piece in that puzzle.” – he stated.

Some of his advice related to the actual pitch include:

  • Every conversation that the members of the team have is a pitch. Therefore, they need to practice, and the leader needs to know how to pitch.
  • Research the investor ahead of time and know if he is a good match
  • Prepare a detailed financial model
  • Know the team’s week spots
  • Know how you are helping the investor

Dejan Kalinikov, CEO of SEAF Macedonia has also attended the webinar and has shared the Macedonian circumstances related to the venture investing. The event was moderated by Dijana Despotov, Corporate Advisory and Innovation Partner at PrimePoint, and was organized by PrimePoint Partners Macedonia and M6 Education Center.

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