PrimePoint Partners Announces New Partnerships with Maltese Consultancy Company

PrimePoint Partners is excited to announce its partnership with AcrossLimits, a Maltese consultancy company with representative offices all across Europe.

With over 20 years of experience in over 60 EU projects, providing specialist consultancy services to clients, AcrossLimits opens doors within the EU, helping clients secure funding for EU tenders and projects. Active in diverse areas of interest including: eLearning, eHealth, eGovernment, entrepreneurship, digital culture, social inclusion and gender equality, AcrossLimits has links to all sectors including academia, NGOs, businesses and governments. It maintains strong ties with investor communities and assists in the creation of start-ups for research entities and consortia, taking their results to the market. AcrossLimits is also participates in EU Projects as a technical partner, creating digital platforms, leading dissemination efforts, or by providing its expertise as an educational institution, delivering training courses in person and online through its eLearning platform.

PrimePoint Partners and AcrossLimits will work together on EU projects and funding opportunities. They will also assist local SMEs with access to finance for EU projects. We look forward to working together and providing new opportunities for both Maltese and Macedonian entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses!

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