April 30 at 3pm CET: Online Conversation with Cecilia Hjertzell, Sweden

Our third “Online Conversation” will take place on April 30 at 3 pm CET and will feature Cecilia Hjertzell,  an experienced Digital Strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the technology sector. She will talk about the “Crises impact on Swedish Economy- opportunities for outsourcing ”. The event will be moderated by Dijana Despotov, Corporate Advisory, and Innovation Partner at PrimePoint.

Cecilia will highlight how the Swedish model of less closed society during the Covid-19 crises is affecting the economy and the business. Sweden has been dealing with the crises in different ways that the other Scandinavian countries and the rest of the world. Some of the topics that we plan to tackle include:

  • What is really happening in the area of the economy and wellbeing of the people?
  • What is most needed in Sweden at the moment that could be great for cooperation with Macedonian companies and the Balkan in general?
  •  What skills are needed now in Sweden, what industries are taking lead from these crises?  
  • How can the Balkan countries become a business and outsourcing partner to Swedish companies?  


Short bio:

Cecilia Hjertzell is a Swedish entrepreneur within the tech industry. She serves as a board member and senior business advisor to a number of companies in their digital transformation towards becoming data-driven. She is a strong professional who graduated from StyrelseAkademien skilled in Marketing Management, Digital Strategy, Brand Implementation, Web Project Management, and Web Strategy. She has wide experience in digital transformation covering innovation and increased customer satisfaction requires not only organizational readiness but also the right competencies.

The event is organized by PrimePoint Partners and the M6 Educational Center.

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